The original version of this recipe appeared August 6, 2008 in the award winning Washington Post Food Section, as part of writer Stephanie Witt Sedgwick’s excellent series on preparing meals using ingredients from a week’s CSA delivery.  

CSA is community supported agriculture, a system where members buy shares early in the growing season when food growers need support and the growers deliver produce each week through the season.

 I’ve changed the recipe several times to accommodate seasonal produce and to use leftovers.  Sometimes I slice the squash, especially the zuccini, on the long side to simulate slabs of lasagna.  If using mature eggplant, “milk” the slices first in salt.  Substitute cooked leftover rice or bulgar for the bread crumbs. Substitute a mixture of cheese — whatever is on hand that doesn’t conflict with flavour.  Crumble blue or feta cheese with the parmesano.  If focused on a Mediterranean theme, increase the quantity and variety of fresh herbs.  Consider a layer of chopped olives, a tapenade with olive oil.  The key is to alternate “dry” layers such as the squash, with “wet” layers such as sliced tomatoes.  




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